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Melbourne QI fans

I have a spare ticket to QI live on Saturday 29th October for the 8pm session and it's open to anyone who can pay $100 for the ticket.  It's a really last minute thing and I am not sure if I am allowed to post it up here.

This is one of my fav quotes from one of my fav hp documentaries so I decided to make a banner. And thought I'd share. Quotation by the one and only:
Mr Stephen Fry

(fantasy as a dirty word)

Fans North of the 49th Parallel!

Anyone else notice he's been traipsing around Toronto doing interviews with George Stroumboloupoulos, Jian Ghomeshi and Canada AM?

This makes me so unbelievably happy to see he's finally come up to these parts and acknowledge our presence. And also apparently to be a juror for the Glenn Gould Prize.

Unfortunately I can't capture any of this, nor do I think it is available to people outside of Canada, but I thought I would point this out to anyone who wasn't aware of it. It looks like the Canada AM video may not be available anymore and Strombo himself doesn't know yet when his short interview will air on George Stroumboloupoulous Tonight but hey maybe someone can listen to the Q interview?

Further Stephen YouTubery

I have been busy and now have a couple of new Stephen Fry YouTubings for your viewing pleasure:

"The Letter" performed at a royal command performance of some sort in the early 1990s:

One moreCollapse )
Hope you enjoyed!
Finally I found my way here, yay! I'd like to share some graphics with you guys.

7 pieces of Stephen Fry icons


@ aorta

Oct. 2nd, 2010

Hi. I'm new. I never thought I'd do much actual posting, but as I didn't see anything on this in the previous entries, I had to break my silence.

Anyway, you may have heard that Stephen was in Australia a few months ago doing some shows at the Opera House in Sydney. I would have loved to go, but circumstances did not allow it.

However, tomorrow night (Sunday, 8.30pm) ABC1 is broadcasting a recording of it. I suspect any Australians here would have heard about it, but any others might not have. In any case, now is the time for you to petition any Australian contacts to record it and turn it into a torrent or something.

(and, before you ask, I can't do it for you because I lack any sort of recording device that would produce quality better than a hand-held camera pointed at the screen)

Stephen at The Royal Albert Hall

So who of you were there? I went to the first show on Monday, 20th September. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Did you wait for Stephen to come out by the stage door and got your books or whatever signed and pics taken? I managed to get my copy of "The Fry Chronicles" signed, though sadly didn't get to take a pic with just him and me, though I do have quite a few where we're both in the pic, so that's fine, too. :-) And I think I was the only German there as well, everyone around me seemed to be British and they all threw funny looks at me and my husband when we were talking in German to one another. ;-) There was this girl standing next to me who'd taken Stephen's water bottle off the stage and she asked if she could borrow my pen to have him sign it (he turned out to be using his own pen in the end) and she seemed even more excited than me to actually see him in the flesh. ;-)

So, any comments, pics, stories, anecdotes you'd like to share?

Hi *waves* ! I haz a question

   Hi all! I'm new to this community and I'm going to beat my nervousness and shyness away with a stick and ask you a burning question,I hope you don't mind :D
   Here goes : do you happen to know or have an idea(official or just personal opinion) if Stephen might have more book signings in the UK or elsewhere in Europe in October or November? I really,really want to go to one and I couldn't attend any of the ones in September but I might be able to in October/November . I know he's supposedly going to be at the Cheltenham festival around mid October but that doesn't seem to be related and I wouldn't want to travel from my country for something unrelated because it's sort of a one time opportunity so I want it to be the best possible. 
   Any help would be appreciated,maybe some remember how it was the last time a book of his came out or how this sort of things usually go,doesn't have to be something official/set in stone.
   Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer !