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Moab is his washpot

a community for fans of Stephen Fry

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He has vocal cords made of tweed.
He owns the third Macintosh ever sold in Europe.
He is unquestionably a fox.
He has a brain comparable in size to one of the home counties.
He knows eighteen uses for a paper clip.
He makes us laugh, a lot.

This is a community for all things Stephen Fry.

You know you love him.

Feel free to post anything Stephen related, such as: news, pictures, articles, links, quotes, graphics, reviews or just plain ol' randomness. If you're posting large or multiple pictures, please use the lj-cut tag.

If you do post pictures, never hot link pictures from other people's websites, as it uses up their valuable resources. Always upload pictures to your own webspace or a free host such as photobucket.

Thank you!

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