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Observer Profile

Today's edition of The Observer features a profile of Stephen in advance of his Twitter-led shows at the Royal Albert Hall. You can see the online version here.

The print version has a very lovely drawing of Stephen, surrounded by Twitter birds. If no-one has both a copy and scanner access I'll try & save the page for when I have a working scanner.

Just One More....

I'm pretty sure this is the last one. Stephen Fry and Hale & Pace were guests on Wogan in early 1989 to launch Red Nose Day 2.

Hope you like :)

More Recently Rediscovered!

I found, and uploaded a couple more Stephen Fry interviews. The first is from 1989 - Ben Elton was a guest host on the Wogan show for two weeks, and Stephen came along to discuss Blackadder and Jeeves & Wooster. The second is Stephen's 2002 appearance on The Kumars At Number 42.

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More items at my YouTube page.

Recently Rediscovered!

In converting my VHS tapes to DVDs I rediscovered some Stephen Fry interviews which I now have to share with you, hope you like!

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I have a few other non-Fry interviews I'm uploading this weekend - so please visit my YouTube page if you're interested.
Just wanted to share a video I found on youtube :D

New Fry & Laurie For Their 30th Anniversary

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie have filmed a one off special to celebrate their 30 year partnership.

Fry & Laurie: Reunited will air on the UK cable & satellite channel GOLD this autumn and will feature the pair reminiscing about their friendship, careers and past sketches.


Help. Looking for an interview

Hey guys- A while back someone posted scans on their live journal of some little known newspaper interviews Stephen and Hugh gave together. I think it was during their Jeeves and Wooster period. Anyway I think Hugh or Stephen says something about madeira and monocles. They're talking about how they met at Cambridge and one of them jokes that Stephen kept multiple rooms and served madeira. There might have been a mention of cigars as well. It was a scan if I recall correctly and it's not on the hl.net site.

I don't know if it's the same article but I also remember Stephen talking about his days at college and calling Hugh a red-blooded male. Any help at all would be great.

I Love Stephen Fry

Radio Four has an Afternoon Play on iPlayer at the moment called I Love Stephen Fry about a middle-aged housewife who goes slightly crazy, and believes she has magical connection with Stephen Fry. Who plays himself. ;-)

Excuse me while my mind boggles.

A discussion from the Gallifrey Base forums, in a thread on QI.

Me: There is altogether not enough Stephen Fry in the world.
Other person 1: I actually think he's a bit over-rated.
Other person 2: Tish and pish!
Other person 1: I'm just saying, as question masters go, he's no Bob Monkhouse, yknow?

Whut??! *scratchhead*

I think I've come up trumps with this pithy response:

Me: You say that as if it's a bad thing..?


A random hotchpotch of a set made for guys20in20  with Mr. Fry as the guy :D


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